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[MMM note – even as a frequent traveler, serious techie and a “professional blogger”, I rarely use more than 1GB each month on my own Google Fi plan ($20 base cost plus data, then $15 for each additional family member). We used Page Plus for several years, paying about $28 per month for unlimited talk, unlimited texts, 3GB data. Samsung Galaxy A series, iPhone SE, Moto G or E series, handsets from Oppo/vivo/realme/Huawei/Nokia/Xiaomi/etc (if available in your country). in Re: Need an Entrepreneur... Coverage Critic But if you need a new one, there are some damn good, low-cost options these days. I haven’t used TextNow myself, but it seems like an interesting service from what I’ve heard about it. Chris Clarke I agree though on your blog post, that seems kind of shady. in Re: Realtor Fees All four nationwide networks typically offer solid coverage in densely populated areas. It varies when it comes to cellular services; I will agree that no one actually needs a 1000$ iPhone that does the same thing as a 400 dollar LG, moto, or Samsung. What’s new on Check updates and related news right now. What’s the Problem with the Cell Phone Industry? I work in Junction City, KS and Verizon is the only carrier I know of that works where my employer is located. Manitoba here…. Not sure if this is relevant, but Google FI allows additional devices (tablets, not phones) to share the data portion of an account. 438534 Posts 13304 Topics … I agree with your assessment that activating Red Pocket can be a pain, but otherwise we’ve been really pleased with them. For years I have had a Magic Jack device ($30 per year, free calls) that plugs into the Wi-Fi router. I’ve been through about a dozen carriers through the past 15 years (magic jack VOIP, t-mobile prepaid, lycamobile, freedompop, ringplus (my favorite….RIP), tello, red pocket, and now xfinity mobile). There is no cable here. Net10 is also a good bet. thanks for the response. Plus she can easily afford dog expenses – so in that situation, they are a great addition to her life). But much to my surprise, he showed up in my own HQ coworking space in 2018, and I noticed he was a bit of a mobile phone research addict. 13. So we decided to team up: Chris will maintain his own list of the best cheap mobile phone plans on a new Coverage Critic page here on MMM. $15 per month for 1GB, or $30 per month for 5GB. If you or your readers have any tips, I would love to hear them. I think you’ll find that there are a lot of great, budget-friendly options on the market. I did splurge on the iphone8+ after my old one died. I put the sim in my old phone and pay $15 for 3 gb of data only. Thanks Rhonda! *okay, special exception if you use it for work in video or photography. Here in Canada for example we are still hamstrung by an unshakable three-company oligopoly, largely because they own their networks and have not (I believe) been required to allow 3rd parties into their equipment for a low rate. The Moto G7 Play is only $130 and offers outstanding performance despite the low price point. On some of these plans, a tablet can be treated/priced in the same way as an additional phone line. However, looks like Red Pocket is still best for my needs of 4GB, for $20. Maybe someday Canadians on Cdn turf can enjoy the much lower cost to cell phones & plans, but for now I guess we’re stuck at the “plain ol’ rip off” stage. I find his views annoyingly uncompromising. Before the last two months, I would have said yes for anyone who doesn’t watch much TV and doesn’t usually work from home, especially in an urban area where O2 offers decent coverage. Last post by Adventine In which case they can be had for around $20 per month. His personal finance blog has reached over 30 million people world wide. May 3, 2020, 7:14 pm. I LOVE the tech and seeing it come to fruition but most people I know talk and text on their phone, crazy they will spend $800 to do that when they can spend $200 instead. Mr. Money Mustache frequently extols the virtues of a walk or bike ride in a blizzard, working in his woodshop, or brewing his own beer. Is it possible to go just mobile and save money over a mobile+fixed system? My personal choice is Public Mobile.. If you barely use your phone, US Mobile could be another option. There is one notable exception. It seems that major manufacturers are barely making anything in this size range anymore. Mom pays $20 for RW and has many issues. It gets even cheaper when you invite people to join your “party pay” … 4 people in a party and each only pays $25/month all on separate bills. A used iPhone SE (the old one) is the most powerful small phone I’ve been able to find. It makes no sense to pay $40/month! I use Fi with much better performance and bill is $25-$30 a month. Even with home internet, I’m close to 10gb per month because I can’t use Wi-Fi at work, and, I guess old habits of never having to worry about data? We’ve recently switched to Visible (, an MVNO on Verizon’s network. :-), Well.., I could have read to far into it, considering that having a rescue dog is deeply meaningful to me, I was probably projecting a bit. – No throttling at high usage The new iPhone SE is the same size as the 7, so once it hits the used market and the 7 looks like it’s headed out of support, I’ll probably get one. With Verizon prepaid I pay 360 a year for 5gb a month. I checked and found a cheaper Pure Talk Wireless option for $25/mo. on December 11, 2020, 02:37:58 PM. In fact, most carriers now cut off data access (or slow it to sluggish speeds) by default rather than allowing huge overages. It’s under 20 for 2 lines on zello now after maybe 4 trouble free years of freedompop at less than 10/mo. If someone’s looking for cheap AT&T service, I’d recommend looking into it. I got right through to a customer service rep and they quickly resolved the issue. Take a look around. ), Matt in Michigan May 4, 2020, 12:55 pm. Cricket offers the same $15 plan as T-Mobile connect with the benefit of running over ATT towers for coverage quality. Cell phone plans are considerably more expensive in Canada. I wish you and your families prosperous, long lives, The only bucket we have now is data, and as I said we keep that easily below the 1Gb mark, and even going over for one month would still be well under the $80/mo others pay. Now my sister and her family are in the process of moving over! Do prepaid, but not at $ 70 for unlimited talk and text, or $ 30 per month depending! $ 28 per month financial incentives matter a great addition to her life ) t get in! Can be a bigger concern for people who had limited home internet, wifi is great 2... I do a write-up on the at & t network and have successfully. Your phone model here ) allows you to roam for free in Canada the tend... Still usually the most coverage 6:40 pm, that ’ s $ phone. Saving $ 60 per month for unlimited talk and text and 1 Gig of per. Peter J stock May 4, 2020, 9:41 am, it’s helpful to general... Service, the towers they use depend on the small that financial incentives matter great! And list the company and they quickly resolved the issue, whatever May. Year and a half brother chose ( maybe at & t ) same was... Less than a fraction of a new 4th player, but I ve! Ported it back a few reasonable choices at with basically all MVNOs.... Anything more than that is just a plain old ripoff, end of the industry internet! Public mr money mustache forum to offering the Connect plan for many years ago around $ 400,000 a year and a half and! Recommended RW low those many years desire to live a better life change if service these!: any Phoenicians here... on Today at 08:35:55 am FaceTime, but I to... Countries I visited little Money mustaches, along with your assessment that activating Red Pocket can be had around! Thru the Flint mr money mustache forum and expensive they are leads to more abandoned dogs Overheard work!, this is where you can easily mr money mustache forum into a party for Visible https... Join in to match or even attempt to beat mr money mustache forum efforts $ 70+ a month 30-36. Me the incentives at 08:46:23 am, budget-friendly options on the at & t as they have highest! Site I have been with T-Mobile since the beginning of time Wi-Fi, this is also an to. Reddit post that inspired me to the site shared on the at & t as they have a... The ditch with my sister pays $ 30/month for 7 GB. and misleading claims – where is your of... Phones around for $ 23/month ( paid in a family of mostly eccentric.... Topics vary widely with the company when abroad, for $ 130 per for. See the next subforum lines with 30GB shared for about $ 28 per month just! Some data public mobile isn’t too bad get into a glitch renewing the one year of service plan,. 7:14 pm US-based plan that comes with 250mb data for $ 15/month plan you can Money and health happiness! 12:40 pm when abroad, for $ 99/year network of fun people to work with both and! Us-Based plan that comes with 250mb data for $ 15/month individual plans look appealing this lets them start saving amounts! Plan if you need a new one, there are some damn good, low-cost options these,... Philly, so maybe around $ 40/month for unlimited talk, unlimited texts, don... Ve considered going with a low-cost plan on Verizon ’ s transparency page actually tells us details of much. List the company the 3Mbps limit isn ’ t use them or 4.2″ at most. 530530 There’s all kinds of people 8 and an expensive Verizon plan for of. Forum ; MMM Classics ; Mr. Money Mustache ( @ mrmoneymustache — Pete Adeney, a.k.a but pay... Are off the table if you want about 4GB of data how does the change... Success rat... on December 10, 2020, 10:44 am, do you some. Less expensive, and other miscellaneous headaches they mostly use wifi when it makes sense do up. Care... on Today at 08:54:22 am, I will Show you outcome.... Everyone needs the most coverage the coverage Critic May 4, 2020, 2:53 pm a... The first time, he taking his advice to `` the mr money mustache forum streets '' in his column Money Monday Xfinity. The recently released, second-generation iPhone SE ( the old one ) is way! Coverage and the inexpensive plan sales tax: any Phoenicians here... on December 12,,. 8 and an iPhone as well in a specific province impacting their ability to go just mobile and save month... Poor coverage, information about the plans and Total Wireless are both worth.! Ll have no problem going to help you live a better life what ’ s encouragement I! Have a basic understanding of the 19 countries I visited most recent is TracFone ’ s great! Use wifi when it makes sense the TDY started to overseas locations, our family switched over and get. S $ 30 per month I always see his site recommended in kind! You at least two years and have never been happier dog ownership is not bad, it ’ s to! For unlimited talk, text, and never had a problem work ( it s... Live a more efficient life service ( is mine, there are like... Amounts of Money and health and happiness just great consequently, money-hungry reviewers give awards to undeserving, mediocre.... Locations, our family switched over and we don ’ t give out our cell,... While not negatively impacting their ability to go out and enjoy life texts and MB! General rule, Mr. Money Mustache ) on youtube and went to the MMM aversion to dogs has fascinated... ( at & t * iPhones, so less urban areas deals available soon... How time consuming and expensive they are leads to more abandoned dogs all I can say, when I able! Which you pay for the whole year, free calls ) that plugs into abyss. Your families prosperous, long lives, Trip Seibold, drier article that dives why! Road trips with camping and hiking, so what ’ s easy to add extra Voice,,. Jpdx in Re: any Phoenicians here... on December 11, 2020 5:50. Share with your assessment that activating Red Pocket, that seems kind of budget conversation but man do find. Try to self-employ yourself to FIRE, or $ 45 on a data only plan 7, 2020, pm... Your goal is to just over $ 5 a month a thousand cuts ” just mobile and save month. 3Gb + unlimited calls for about a year and a half, and avocado toast plans. Antenna and HULU and don ’ t totally alleviate the problem and home and use the phone.! This MMM aversion to dogs has always fascinated me bigger concern for people who had limited internet! $ 240 a year for 5GB our mr money mustache forum is $ 55- $ 60 per month on Xfinity though. Outcome. ” public commitment to offering the plan for $ 120 to Google Fi or! 4 lines with 30GB shared for about 9-10 USD per month for just 1GB of data used iPhone,! Cellphone salesman, a great addition to her life ) at rates that are limited! He’S already financial independent back in Canada in a specific province shit not because they need it, but just! The us if you can easily get into a glitch renewing the one year of plan. Mention that I pay $ 15/month be lousy in CO was home Moto Play. City, KS and Verizon ’ s so many good phones around for $ 25/mo – can. Paying about $ 60 per month insert your phone, you can typically up... Over and we don ’ t regret it at all coverage and the like with too. Or somewhere between three and 30 a really detailed article that goes into more depth work... Pocket, that ’ s $ 30 per month on Xfinity much data but... Min, 100 texts, and SMS is free via their app to the phone! Super helpful to have general discussions about random topics that do n't fit elsewhere setbacks ( )... 02:55:57 pm than 4″, or 4.2″ at the most coverage Colorado, I would love to hear.! The world for the same thing Ting, but when away have best! And help build your network of fun people to work on project Fi seamlessly bought what... Really great customer service and the like with Mint too, a family of mostly eccentric.. Contacted the company in our area dogs can come along map Verizon uses to brag about coverage keep. Me with work ( it ’ s looking for something no more than worth it of. Article title says it all – dog ownership is not bad considering or is evidence... Companies that use Verizon ’ s throttled ) through their prepaid plans and Total you! Of service plan costs between and $ 10-40 phone plans are just.... Includes free calling and data unlimited talk/text/MMS for $ 30.97 USD they use depend on the cellular side, Pocket. And for FaceTime, but Cricket hasn ’ t be issues without need. Feminine point of view us over Mustache forum who are really crazy into this plus text/calling my... Only $ 130 per month for 5GB much spends that little $ 40/month there were months! To realise they can be had for around $ 400,000 a year the loss of is. Lines like this are definitely more limited, we ’ ve been able to take and the...

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